Bizarre Bazaar Books & Music

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Fort Collins Bookstore, Record Store, Music Store & More!

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The Bizarre Bazaar
buys, sells and trades the following:

- used books
- vinyl records
- CDs
- cassette tapes
- comic books
- old paper items - prints, posters, postcards, old photos, sheet music
- videos (DVDs & VHS tapes)
- record players (even if broken)
- old radios (even if broken)
- amplifers, receivers and other items for playing vinyl records. (even if broken)

So instead of stockpiling your books, music and videos for "someday", sell them or trade them for stuff you haven't enjoyed yet.
We also offer a relaxing atmosphere where you can meet others interested in pre-download era media. 

YES, WE ALSO ACCEPT DONATIONS! - In addition to selling to us you can also donate books (so you don't have to reload or re-haul unwanted books). Such books are picked up weekly by the Habitat For Humanity Re-Store.


Our "browser's paradise" philosophy focuses on keeping a rich in-house selection, a selection the local community helps us create by buying, selling, and trading with us.  In addition, our inventory is available only in our store and not online, and this has two benefits for our customers: It keeps the rare "gems" in our store for your browsing pleasure, and it forces us to lower our prices for a smaller (local) buying population. With a focus on your browsing experience the Bizarre Bazaar is the ideal place to discover books, music and videos you never knew existed.

We also offer repair services of the following items: turntables, record players, amplifiers, old tube radios, receivers, and other stereo related hardware. We also have a full range of diagnostic test equipment, tube tester and replacement parts such as belts, needles, cartridges, etc. We also purchase record players for resale, and are interested in old or broken record players for parts to aid in the repairs of others.

We now REPAIR SKIPS on your favorite record using our USB microscope and surgical tools. Just like performing micro-surgery only cooler and less sterile! Just tell us the track and location of your skip and we'll take care of it... for ONLY... $5 for the first skip with any additional skips fixed for $2 each. Note that not all skips can be repaired, especially when the scratch is parallel with the grooves. See image here:




"Reduce, Re-use, Recycle" is something we do every day.  Buying and selling used books (books already in circulation) re-uses them and greatly reduces the need to cut down more trees to make brand new books. We also send thousands of books we can't use to the Fort Collins Habitat For Humanity ReStore.