Bizarre Bazaar Books & Music

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Your locally owned and operated bookstore

At the Bizarre Bazaar bookstore we strive to offer as much variety as possible in our constantly-changing, ever-growing selection of books, magazines, and other vintage printed items.  Below is a list of printed items  we are always interested in buying, selling or trading:

- books (antique, collectible, old & new)
- comic books (old & new)
- posters (old & new)
- postcards (old & new)
- maps (old & new)
- prints & signs (depends on conent)
- pamphlets & brochures (mostly old)
- newspapers (mostly old)
- old photographs
- sheet music
- old magazines

For books we are interested in re-selling, we offer either cash or store credit. Generally, we offer 50% more in store credit which can be used to purchase anything for sale in our store, including brand new vinyl records, books, record players, posters and more!

It's easy being GREEN when selling or donating books to the Bizarre Bazaar where we "reduce, re-use, recycle" every day.  Because buying and selling used books re-uses them it greatly reduces the need to cut down more trees to make brand new books. We also re-use books by sending thousands of abandoned, donated and overstock books to the ARC Thrift Stores in support of their mission.




We buy and accept donated books every day - 10am to 6:00pm