Your Audio Equipment Headquarters


What We Do: 
We buy, sell, trade, repair and receive donations of used home audio equipment such as  turntables, receivers, amplifiers, speakers, vintage radios, guitar amplifiers, and similar accessories (like the photos below). Even if broken, we'll either try to fix it or we'll break it down for our audio parts collection (our effort to salvage vintage audio parts to repair or restore local audio equipment). For items in good working condition or needing minor repairs we can usually offer cash, but sometimes the work and parts we put into an item costs us more than we can sell it for, so we may or may not pay for items in rough condition.

Audio Repair Days/Hours - Every day except Tuesday & Wednesday - 10am to 6pm.

Our Inventory

Before you go out and buy and brand new (very cheaply made & usually unrepairable) home audio setup, stop by and check out our large inventory of used and fully-tested record players, turntables, amplifiers, receivers, speakers and more. We also carry a complete line of parts such as belts and needles for record players and turntables as well as audio tubes. In addition, we have a vast collection of random audio equipment parts: knobs, hinges, tone arms, feet, resistors, capacitors, cartridges, connectors and more. Before putting audio components out for sale we test them and make sure everything is working properly and, if not, restore components to good working order. If you aren't happy with your purchase you may return any undamaged components within 7 days for a full refund. This way you can set up your stereo components at home and give them a gentle "test drive" to make sure you are happy about your purchase. Also, yes, you may trade-in or upgrade your old setup for a new one. 

Repair Services Of Home Audio Equipment:
We offer repair services of the following items: turntables, phonographs, record players, amplifiers, receivers, guitar amplifiers (solid state and tube), tuners, radios and other stereo related hardware. We also have a full range of diagnostic test equipment, tube tester and replacement parts such as belts, needles, cartridges, etc. We also purchase home audio and stereo equipment for resale, and we are even interested in old, broken gear for our their parts, as we often need vintage audio parts for our repairs.
Some maintenance and repair services we provide are troubleshooting, internal cleaning, re-greasing, belt replacement, needle replacement, cartridge replacement, speed adjustments and calibration, tube testing & replacement, replace defective cables, re-capping (replacing worn out capacitors), and other various parts replacement as may be needed.

If it isn't too late, you may want to avoid purchasing one of the "vintage" reproduction models or "nostalgic" record players sold in many department stores these days (see below). They go by many names but mostly as "Crosley". They have a very high failure rate, sound terrible (tiny cheap speakers) and repairs cost more than they're worth. Below is a typical Crosley style record player. The most noticeable feature is their very cheap plastic toy-like tone arm.




Please note that most radio & record player units from the 1920s thru the 1960s should be fully serviced BEFORE PLUGGING THEM IN. These are often high-voltage devices whose electronics have reached the end of their lifetime, and they should always be serviced (or fully restored) to be safe. Although they might work after dusting them off, their lifespan, if any, is always very short. If you plug such devices in you may ruin the power transformer, usually making the device only useful for parts.