Bizarre Bazaar Books & Music

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About Bizarre Bazaar LLC

The Bizarre Bazaar LLC is a locally-owned business that buys, sells and trades used books, vinyl records (33rpm LPs, 45s and 78rpm), CDs, cassettes, DVDs, vintage horror & music VHS tapes, Blu-rays, Reel-to-Reel tapes, and various printed items (old magazines, posters, old newspapers, comic books, sheet music, postcards, maps, signs, etc.). We also buy, sell, trade and repair home audio equipment such as record players, guitar amplifiers, old radios, turntables and related electronic hardware.


The Bizarre Bazaar LLC
1014 S College Ave ( across from the CSU campus )
Fort Collins, CO 80524

Phone: 970-484-1699




 SUNDAY 10am - 8pm
 MONDAY 10am - 8pm
 TUESDAY 10am - 8pm
 WEDNESDAY 10am - 8pm
 THURSDAY  10am - 8pm
 FRIDAY 10am - 8pm
 SATURDAY 10am - 8pm