Sell Us Your Stuff

At the Bizarre Bazaar we are always looking for new pre-owned inventory. The following is a list of items we are interested in buying and trading, however, please note that we will only buy items that we feel we can resell.

- Books, Magazines, Comics -  Used, rare, antique or collectible books and magazines are something we always buy.

- Ephemera (Vintage Printed Items) -  Rare, vintage, collectible or beautiful printed items such as art prints, newspapers, posters, signs, pamphlets, brochures, maps, post cards, advertisements, old photographs, vintage sheet music, and similar items.

- Music  items - Vinyl records, CDs, cassette tapes.

- Videos - Blurays, DVDs and some collectible VHS tapes

Audio Equipment - (Working or broken) record players, turntables, home audio amplifiers, guitar amplifiers, receivers, tuners, brand name speakers, vintage radios, miscellaneous parts (tubes, electronic components, etc) and related items.

The BIG Question: How much will the Bizarre Bazaar pay for my stuff?

The Answer: Put simply, the amount we pay depends on "re-sell-ability" of your items. What does this mean? This means that the amount we can offer will depend on the following for your item(s):

- demand
- availability
- popularity
- original or re-issue
- condition
- author / artist
- title
- label / publisher

In other words, we have to ask ourselves, "How long will your items sit on our shelves before someone buys them from us, and how much might they pay?"

For smaller loads of items, we can usually examine and purchase your items while you wait. For larger loads you may have to drop off items one day and pick them up later the same day or the following day, depending on the size of your load.

Our Donation Option:

Since we don't buy everything that comes in our door we do our best to help you find a home for your formerly-loved books and music items.  If you do not wish to re-haul your items you may donate them to our 24-hour outdoor donation wall. It is our way of finding a home for less desirable books and records or items we simply don't have space for. We have MANY people pick through these items day and night and they appreciate the FREE price tag, especially Little Free Library owners!